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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ice cream and gelato?

Traditionally, gelato’s main ingredient is milk whereas ice cream contains more cream, therefore ice cream products generally contain more fat than gelato. Gelato also contains less air than ice cream and has a denser texture with richer flavour than ice cream.


What products can be made with the SOLATO machine? 

The SOLATO Machine is a platform used to create and serve a variety of iced products, such as gelato, ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, iced smoothies, and others. Our team of talented culinary experts is always working on new flavour combinations and product creations. Check with your local SOLATO location for the types of products available in your geographic area.


Can I purchase one of your machines for personal use?

The SOLATO Machines are available for commercial use for businesses such as cafes, hotels, offices and private clubs. We invite you to subscribe to our waitlist for the residential machine and we will send you a note as soon as we launch it on the market.


Do you offer vegan options?

Our sorbet recipes do not contain dairy, however, the facilities where the product is produced and packaged are not certified vegan and the final product may contain traces of dairy.


Do you offer sugar-free options?

We offer a line of Reduced Sugar flavours, such as Reduced Sugar Dark Chocolate Gelato and Reduced Sugar Frozen Yogurts. At this time, we do not offer 100% sugar-free products.


Where can I find nutritional information about your products?

You can find the full ingredient list and nutritional information for all our flavours around the world at

this link.


Is your gelato gluten-free?

Yes, our products are gluten-free. Please check with your local SOLATO location for gluten-free toppings.


Are you kosher?

Our product is kosher in most locations. Check with your local provider .


Are your products non-GMO?

Our products are made with natural ingredients and contain no preservatives or artificial flavours

and colourings.



Are you using pasteurized milk, cream and eggs in your recipes?

Yes, we use 100% pasteurized dairy products in our recipes.

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